Want A Meaningful and Memorable Wedding Ceremony?

A wedding is one of the more significant moments in your life.  We come to this work with big  open hearts and minds.    As non-denominational Wedding Officiants and Ministers, we know that it’s about you and your vision of the  “perfect wedding ceremony.” Whether it’s your first wedding, your second or a vow renewal every ceremony and vow means

Outside Wedding Ceremony by Officiants Seattlesomething very different to each person whether it’s seriously spiritual to irreverent with a touch of humor.

We can help you personalize your wedding ceremony where it’s most meaningful like your greeting and vows or create a fully customized one that reflects and expresses you.

Why you’ll be glad you chose us as your marriage officiant

  • Your wedding ceremony is not about your wedding officiant.  We know that you want to focus on each other on your wedding day, we promise to do our best so that all you remember about your wedding ceremony is how memorable it was for you
  • We do our best to ask the right questions and then really listen to what you want to feel and experience in your ceremony
  • We help you put words to what you want to experience in your ceremony which is often the heart of your wedding day
  • We’ll be generous with our advice and ideas
  • We’re patient during the wedding ceremony planning process
  • We do our best to make the wedding ceremony planning process to feel effortless and non-stressful  because 10 years later Michele still remembers some of her own wedding planning overwhelm
  • We’ll be grounded  and calm during your wedding ceremony even when “shift happens.” During one wedding ceremony the flower archway was unstable due to an incline we quickly and discreetly asked two guests to serve and hold the archway during the ceremony.  In other words, we’re alert and quick on our feet so you don’t need to be and can focus on the moment.
  • We’ll provide you with a “day of the ceremony check list” so that if you need a lighter for the unity candle, ribbon to tie your rings together for a ring ceremony or an extra tissue because the maid of honor forgot- you have it without needing to think about it
  • If there’s something you want that we haven’t already thought of – ask us, we’re flexible
  • We offer a range of ceremony packages that can fit most wedding budgets

You can connect with us by going to our Contact Us page find our contact information.  You can also get the process rolling by filling out our Wedding Ceremony Questionnaire.

The benefits you receive when working with us is:

Seattle WA Wedding Ceremony Officiants

Make Your Wedding Ceremony Memorable

  •  You’ll feel heard and respected because  we’ll use a simple process that has you feeling as if you’ve just had an engaging conversation with a trusted friend
  • We hope you’ll even gush when guests tell you – “it was so you” and you nod in agreement
  • A wedding partner that wants to make this part of the wedding planning feel a bit more relaxed and perhaps even fun!
  • You may feel more inspiration as you begin your marriage because your wedding ceremony is exactly how you want to begin your marriage
  • You feel more ease during your wedding ceremony planning because you have a Wedding Ceremony Adviser and Mentor
  • You’ll gain back more time to focus on other areas of your wedding and life
  • You won’t feel frustration because  you don’t have to research and come up with the ideas and details for the ceremony – we’ll do the work for you

Click Here to discover how we would approach creating a ceremony that is meaningful and memorable, as well as you’ll get to know us better.

What we know to be true

When you are planning your ceremony with your chosen officiant you are most often in a place in time that you don’t know what to ask for so that you have exactly what you want to experience.

I often share this quote with my clients.

“What you don’t know you don’t know until you know it, then you can’t go back to not knowing.”

Because your ceremony is a significant moment in time, and because your story is unique to you, it deserves our full attention.  We promise to be honest and respect you and your wedding ceremony wishes.

Wedding Vows at Rehearsal Ceremony Our goal is that post wedding ceremony you say, it was exactly what we wanted and reflected us – it was memorable and meaningful!

We know that you may be a DIY person that simply wants help with your wedding vows or someone that wants the “full meal deal – supersized.”  Regardless of your needs, we look forward to using our process which creates ease as well as adding the desired dimension and details to your ceremony even if we’ve yet to experience anything like it.

The question is who will be the first couple to wed on top Mount Rainier?  Although Michele would be happy to help with planning this ceremony she’ll leave this third climb to you and Tim.  Now if it’s the Enchantments – she’s in.

What we don’t do

Like some of the other officiants we’re not all all stop shop, so we  leave wedding event planning, photography, etc to the professionals because we’re all about planning and performing your wedding ceremony. We’re happy to point you to resources on our resource page. We recommend you ask your recently married friends for referrals too, because word of mouth is a good thing.

What we do

We focus on what we do well which is to partner with you to create a meaningful and memorable wedding ceremony that best reflects your unique style and the experience you want to have.

We believe strong relationships and communication are important.  If we recognize that we’re not the best wedding officiates for you, we’re happy to help you connect with one that is better suited to your needs.  After all, this is your wedding day and you know you want it to be meaningful and memorable not full of frustration or half filled hopes.

Do take time to get to know us on this site and connect with us in a 15 minute wedding planning consultation.

We also recommend you connect with a couple other potential wedding ministers – and then do go with your gut because it’s going to tell you the truth.

What’s Next In Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

Once you make the decision to work with us, we consider it an honor and delight  to help you design a ceremony that reflects your style, needs and relationship that both you and your guests gush over.

Wedding Rehearsal Ceremony or Civil Ceremony Seattle WAWe know that the perfect “quickie” Las Vegas style ceremony that get’s down and dirty and that perhaps has only custom vows we help you create is perfect for some couples. Some may want help writing a ceremony that someone else performs in another state or location we are not able to attend.  Yet other couples may want to create and write each portion of their wedding that’s 45 minutes long and is the main event of their wedding day.

For each couple what ever you choose it will make your wedding ceremony and day perfect.

All couples whether it be the ones that choose a quick 10 minute “I do” with personal vows, a 45 minute “master piece,”  or some where in-between have our full attention and service.

Wedding Ceremony Fees

Wedding ceremony fees are reflect upon your ceremony needs, choices and the amount of customization you’d like.  The $150 – $850 range is pretty wide and fits both those with a tight wedding budget to those that are more concerned about the memorable experience they want and create on their wedding day.

Once we speak and hear more about what you want we will be able to give you a quote. A 50% deposit is asked to hold a date. Cash, Check or Credit Cards are accepted.

Next Steps…Let’s Connect to Plan Your Wedding Ceremony!

If you’re still reading, you’ve gotten to know us quite a bit better and probably want to connect. So just do it if…

  • You’re interested in partnering with us to help craft some portion or all of your memorable wedding ceremony
  • You have some questions you’d like to ask. Don’t forget to browse the rest of this site – Officiants for your Wedding,” as well as review our FAQ. [LINK coming soon] We hope this answers most of your immediate questions.
  • You want to directly speak with us to make sure we are who we say we are
  • You want to see if there’s a personality connection

Here’s how you can connect with us…

  1. Call or text 206-419-1510 to connect with Tim
  2. Call or text 206-910-8226 to connect with Michele
  3. Go to our Wedding Ceremony Questionnaire on contact form if you want to speed up the process so we can get past the minor details and into action.
  4. For more information or to set up a 15 minute complimentary wedding ceremony consultation, either fill out the above Wedding Ceremony Questionnaire or send email to email hidden; JavaScript is required
  5. SKYPE michelecorey

We look forward to getting to know you – really we do!

Warm Regards,

Tim and Michele Corey
Wedding Officiants and Wedding Ministers
Serving the Puget Sound and Greater Seattle and Tacoma WA


We Offer Wedding Ceremony Gift Certificates

Wedding Ceremony Gift Certificates are also available if you want to add this to your Bridal Shower Gift List or have some special people that would like to help you pay for your wedding ceremony.


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