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Below is an overview some of the topic areas covered in your Wedding Ceremony Planning once we’ve decided to partner together.  You can also find helpful wedding ceremony planning basics right on this site in the Wedding Resources category.

Your choice of style:

  • Formal
  • Informal
  • Casual
  • Special Theme
  • Seattle Wedding Locations and Venues (indoor, outdoor, boat, etc ) Here are some ideas: [LINK coming soon]
  • Day  and Time

Your choice of format / tone:

  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Spiritual
  • Religious
  • Non-denominational
  • Interfaith
  • Intercultural
  • Something we haven’t thought of yet

Additional “Ceremony in a Ceremony”  and Elements to Consider

  • Including special personal quotes and information about you as a couple
  • A special blessing
  • A chuppah
  • Special ring presentation and ceremony
  • A Native American prayer
  • Poetry
  • A Reading
  • A special song you’d like to include
  • Candle memorial ceremony for deceased parents or some one you’d like to honor
  • Sand Ceremony
  • Rose Ceremony
  • Unity Candle Ceremony
  • Wine Ceremony
  • Celtic Handfasting (tying of hands)
  • Joining of hands ceremony with prayer beads
  • Eastern Tradition, 4 blessings, 7 steps, Fire Ceremony
  • Melding of families
  • Something from your heritage or tradition
  • Something you made up

Your Wedding Ceremony Officiates

  • Yin and Yang – you want us to co-officiate your ceremony
  • You prefer a female officiate
  • You prefer a male officiate

Complimentary Wedding Ceremony Consultation

We offer a complimentary 15-minute consultation. Fill out the Wedding Ceremony Questionnaire to get started and click wedding ceremony consultation requested.

We look forward to the conversation!

Payment Method

Cash, check or Credit Cards accepted. A 50% deposit is asked to hold the wedding date.


We Offer Wedding Ceremony Gift Certificates

Wedding Ceremony Gift Certificates are also available if you want to add this to your Bridal Shower Gift List or have some special people that would like to help you pay for your wedding ceremony.


We know it can get a bit confusing out there. These are all of the common names for who we are and what we do:

Seattle Marriage Officiant | Seattle Wedding Officiate | Seattle Wedding Minister | |Seattle Wedding Celebrant | Wedding Pastor | Seattle Justice of the Peace | Seattle Marriage Ceremony | Seattle Religious Wedding Ceremony | Seattle Wedding Ceremony | Seattle Non-Denominational Wedding Ceremony |

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