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Michele and Tim Corey Wedding Officiants and Ministers Greater Seattle WA

This is where you’ll discover if we’re the best wedding officiants for you.

Why We Became Wedding Ministers and Officiants

In November 2010 a close college friend of Michele’s became engaged.  Both her and her fiancée were getting married for the first time later in life than the usual bride and groom.  They wanted to a heart felt, unique and memorable wedding ceremony that would bring together their own diverse beliefs and interests and reflect them as a couple.

To no avail they searched for the perfect Greater Seattle Wedding Officiant.

Then it dawned on them they already knew the perfect wedding officiants…they also happened to be married for close to a decade and had modeled some of the qualities they hoped to create in their own marriage.  They also happened to be good friends.  The only problem is that that weren’t legally able to marry them.

A few months into their wedding planning they approached us over takeout Chinese food from the trusty Snappy Dragon Restaurant, and with both beer and wine in hand on the premise of catching up on the wedding planning details.  They knew that good food, drink and conversation is a way to our hearts.

Then they told us their story about looking for the perfect wedding officiant when it dawned on them that we would be perfect.  So they popped the question.  We said yes, became legal wedding ministers and celebrants for what we thought was a single ceremony.

Elements that made our first wedding ceremony memorable and meaningful:

  • A special couple blessing
  • Unique ring ceremony that included all their guests
  • Joining of hands ceremony with special prayer beads from Nepal
  • A Native American prayer
  • A chuppah
  • Poetry
  • Candle memorial ceremony
Wedding Ceremony by Wedding Ministers and Officiants at Seattle WA wedding venue Palisades
Performing Our First Memorable Wedding Ceremony


Post wedding ceremony so people came up to us and gushed,

“It was so them” – “this was one of the best wedding ceremonies I’ve ever been too”

– we both felt grateful that both the couple and the guests really enjoyed the ceremony.

Then both the DJ and another guest asked for our card, we stammered and briefly told them our story.  We were told,

“You should do wedding ceremonies for your profession… I’ve been to a lot of weddings and this was a phenomenal ceremony.”

We thanked each person that approached us, and definitely weren’t thinking “let’s become wedding ministers.” Rather we commented on how amazing it felt to be a part of this ceremony and ritual.

A few weeks later the bride and groom said,

“people are still talking about the ceremony.  Put your names on and we will recommend you – you really SHOULD do more ceremonies.”

The rest is history.

It’s About What You Want To Experience

It is an honor and delight  to help you design a ceremony that reflects your style, needs and relationship that both you and your guests gush over.

How We Approach Your Ceremony

We come to this work with big  open hearts and minds.    As non-denominational Wedding Offciants, Wedding Celebrants, Wedding Ministers or you can even call us a Justice of the Peace, if you prefer.  We know that “a perfect wedding ceremony” means something very different to each person whether it’s seriously spiritual to irreverent with a touch of humor.

It’s about asking you the right questions, and then really listening to what you want to feel and experience on your wedding day so that when you reminisce about your memorable wedding ceremony you feel a sense of happiness and thrilled with the results.

It’s about you being touched, moved and inspired.  We believe your ceremony is like a chapter of a story that’s unique to you.  We’re honored to help you write it.

Sometimes  you may not be able to put ready words to what you really want your wedding ceremony to be like.  We’re pros at helping you gain clarity and put it to words.    After all that’s what both of us have been doing in our professional life for well over a decade where we’ve been master facilitators and coaches.

Although we loved performing wedding ceremonies together to provide both the yin and yang, Tim’s gotten very busy with his own business ventures. I’ve been writing and performing weddings for five years and am happy to preside solo during your ceremony.

On a side note, Michele loves to research and collect aka she’s a Google Information Addict.  She’s compiled a small arsenal of sample wedding ceremonies, wedding ceremony traditions, sample vows, readings, poetry, wedding quotes and great ideas which you’ll find extremely useful.

Spiritual Beliefs

Both of our spiritual sides have evolved over our lives. Being  raised in the Catholic tradition  has brought us a deep understanding and respect for the tenets of ritual.  Being open and non-judgmental to others views in our lives and friendships have brought us in connection with  many eclectic spiritual  beliefs and  experiences.  More importantly it  has brought a deep sense of richness to our lives.

At the core we believe in serving you with kindness and compassion –  without any judgement.

I Promise

As ordained, non-denominational wedding minister, I promise to  respect all your personal and private beliefs – religious, spiritual or secular.   I will not use your wedding ceremony as a platform to promote my personal beliefs but rather assist you in celebrating your relationship – and creating a memorable and personalized wedding ceremony just as you’d like it.

Professional Background

Becoming a Non-Denominational Officiant and Wedding Minister has been a fantastic way to meld my personal gifts and skills.


Michele focuses on balancing the head and heart.  In 2000 Michele  became  a Certified Coach (CPC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF).  That same year she also  received her masters in business with a focus on leadership.  You can do the math; it’s been close to two decades that she’s been partnering with a diverse group of individuals and business doing business from a holistic approach that’s often referred to “from the inside out model.

The foundation of her work is to partner with individuals, many like you, to reconnect to their core values, gain clarity of vision (she also calls this your big story), so that you can better understand your big WHY, apply it to your life and business so that you can get more momentum,  better results and feel more and more satisfaction everyday.

She believes that when your personal foundation is clear and strong – pretty much anything is possible.

She does this through a combination of life and business coaching, executive leadership coaching, group facilitation, writing and speaking on topics such as vision, values and goal setting.

What most clients don’t know is since 1994 she’s also pursued a personal spiritual path and has read countless books on human potential and development.  She’s what people  call  a life-long learner who’s interests even include tarot reading.


One of Tim’s greatest gifts is not to just listen, but  the ability to really hear what is being spoken.

Tim’s worked with people in the service industry for over 25 years.  He began his career in the disability field which he’s served on all levels from hands on to consulting on vision and strategy development.  For the last decade he’s worked internationally with a wide variety of individuals and groups while he’s continued to refine his inside intuitive artist.

Using markers and chalk he creates real time images from conversations (including meetings)  so that individuals, groups and communities can gain deeper understanding and perspective.  You’re actually able to see what you’ve just spoken about from an additional perspective.

What you don’t know is that Tim’s chalked hands have touched hundreds or is it thousands of hearts and hands – including the Dali Lama’s which is one of his fonder personal memories.

You have to see Tim’s work to really gain full understanding of it’s uniqueness and power.  Click here to see some of his graphic facilitation and graphic recording work.

Although Michele is now leading the way with ceremonies, because as a couple they are who they are in this world…together we’re excited to offer you our breadth of experience to help you create a meaningful and  memorable wedding ceremony and even perhaps an unique image that reflects your personal and hopes for your successful marriage.

Tidbits From Our History

We both grew up Catholic with big and sometimes a bit crazy families from different coasts.  During the years we’ve attended and been in a lot of weddings.  Each of us have a few pictures with the “perfect wedding outfit” that can currently be used as friendly blackmail.  What were our friends thinking when they dressed us that way?  And to think we even paid good money for some of that clothing!

Michele is from the east coast where all was a bit more formal and conservative.  She still misses family Christmas parties of close to 150 people at the Matthew Glab Post Number 1477 in Lackawanna, NY.  This is where her Aunts’ pierogies melted in your mouth and when you stopped to take a breath mid sentence it meant it was the perfect opportunity for your sibling, cousin or Aunt to jump in with their story.   She quickly learned to master interesting  story telling as well as knowing when it was important to simply  listen and take it all in.

Tim is a Pacific NW native, home grown in Oregon – we often joke with web feet and all.  Both of his parents were school teachers that thought it was important to both listen and actively participate in dinner conversations on a variety of topics from family activities to politics.  As the youngest of seven kids Tim quickly learned  how to listen deeply as well as engage in meaningful conversation.  Unless you’re ready to engage from all sides don’t get him started in politics – he’s a master.

They’ve both been in the Puget Sound Area for more years then they are willing to divulge in writing.

More From Our Personal Side

Together we have a variety of interests.

We love the outdoors and many things associated with “ing” – hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, gardening, golfing.  If interested we’ll let you figure out what we do together and what we do apart over a good conversation.

When we first started presiding over wedding ceremonies we had an eight year old son that could be found building Lego master pieces, reading Hardy Boys books, in a water fight with neighborhood kids, playing air hockey at the community center, jumping on the neighbors trampoline or eating Mac and Cheese with peas  and sliced hot dogs as a main course. Well, now he has grown what seems like a foot, is in high school, plays tenor sax and life is a bit more complicated – in a very good way.


Michele love’s to cook and can be often found concocting something tasty.  Much to Tim’s chagrin she doesn’t write it down so it’s often a unique and tasty one hit wonder.

Tim has a compulsive disorder for all things APPLE and was one of THOSE people waiting in line to get his ipad.

Next Steps…Let’s Connect to Plan Your Wedding Ceremony!

If you’re still reading, you’ve gotten to know us quite a bit better and probably want to connect.  So just do it if…

  • You’re interested in partnering with Michele to help craft your wedding ceremony
  • You have some questions you’d like to ask.  Don’t forget to browse the rest of the site and our FAQs [LINK] which I hope will answer most of your questions
  • You want to speak with Michele to make sure she is who she says she is
  • You want to see if there’s a personality connection.

Here’s how you can connect with Michele…

  1. Call or text  206-910-8226 to connect with Michele
  2. Go to our Wedding Ceremony Questionnaire  on contact form if you want to speed up the process so we can get past the minor details and into action.
  3. For more information or to set up a 15 minute complimentary wedding ceremony consultation, either fill out the Wedding Ceremony Questionnaire by clicking the link above or send email to email hidden; JavaScript is required

I look forward to getting to know you – really, I do!

Warm Regards,

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Michele Corey
Wedding Officiant and Wedding Minister
Serving the Puget Sound and Greater Seattle and Tacoma WA


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Wedding Ceremony Gift Certificates are also available if you want to add this to your Bridal Shower Gift List  or have some special people that would like to help you pay for your wedding ceremony.

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